Traffic School Approval Request

If you are not contesting your traffic citation and you desire to attend traffic school as a means to avoid having points added to your driving record, then you will need to enter into a plea in abeyance agreement. The specific conditions are listed below and you will need to agree to those before your case can be considered for approval.
If you want to be considered for the traffic school option, please review the information under the Detailed Information tab and then fill out the form below.
Student Information
*Citation # and Date of Birth
*Last Name   
*Your Email

Plea in Abeyance Terms
I have read the information contained in the Detailed Information tab above.
I enter my plea of guilty to the charges listed on the citation noted above, and agree to have this plea held in abeyance under the specified terms and conditions.
I agree that the plea in abeyance period will be six months from the date of court approval.
I agree to pay the standard plea in abeyance fee associated with my charge(s) within 30 days of notification of approval of this agreement.
I agree to obey all laws, state, local and federal, and not have any further traffic violations during the plea in abeyance period.
I agree to pay $70 and attend a court approved traffic school within 90 days of notification of approval of this agreement.
I understand that if I fail to comply with these terms and conditions, the court will enter my plea, report the disposition to the driver’s license division and any fees paid will be forfeited without further notice to me.
I certify that I am the person listed on the above noted citation, that I agree to the above listed terms and conditions, and I am requesting that I be approved for a plea in abeyance agreement.
Upon the submission you will see a confirmation screen with further instructions.