Special Event Application

This is NOT the application for business with a permanent physical location. This is for special events taking place in Orem City limits.


SECTION I: Event Organizer Information
Applicant Contact Phone
A. Event Name 'DBA'
B. Mailing Address Street (include unit #) /PO Box Address / City,State,Zip
C. Web Site

SECTION II: Event Description - General
D. Event is
E. Street Address(s)
F. Date(s)/ Hours(s)
Start Date Start Time End Date End Time
G. What description best
    fits the proposed events?
         (Mark the ones apply)
H. Anticipated Attendance
I. number of Vendors (if applicable)
J. Location of Parking
K. This Event will Most
   Likely Recur

L. This Event Takes Place
    In or On

(Mark the ones that apply)
M. The following U.D.O.T.
    Land would be Used
    or Crossed

(Public Safety Officers/or barricades are required if the event uses any roadway or crosses any intersection.)
N. Other Utah County
    Communities Physically

O. This Event Includes
Portable toilet facilities
Outdoor amplified sounds
Live entertainment
Temporary Power
Temporary structures
Use of City Park or building
Use of roadway
Crossing at least one intersection
P. Toilet Facilities Location(s)

SECTION III: Event Description - Specific

SECTION IV: Event Organizer/Event Officers
Event Organizer/Business Contact Phone
State Entity Type
Event/Business Officer

Officer Information
Contact Phone
Address Street (include unit #) /PO Box Address / City,State,Zip
Date of Birth  
Driver Lic. #
Other Officers

SECTION V: Event Insurance Information
Carrier Contact Phone
Address Street (#include unit #) /PO Box Address / City,State,Zip
Policy Information
Number # Limit Coverage Date

SECTION VI: Beneficiary Information (If the event benefits a registered non-profit corporation by a for-profit organization)
Beneficiary organization Contact Name
Mailing Address Street (#include unit #) /PO Box Address / City,State,Zip Contact Phone
Web Site

SECTION VII: Additional Notes (Optional)

SECTION VIII: Notifications and Verification of Authority
1) Mandatory review process - This application does not constitute a license. All applications are subject to a review process. Decisions on special event applications take approximately 30 calendar days from the submission of a complete application.
2) Denial of License - Application denial is most often the result of: (i) an inaccurate or incomplete application, and/or (ii) non-compliance with the Municipal Code, the Land Development Code, and/or applicable building, fire, and environmental codes.
3) Other regulatory bodies It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine and comply with any requirements from other regulatory agencies. Issuance of a City of Orem license indicates compliance with requirements specific to the division of Public Safety, and not those of any other agency.
4) Signage - Consult with the division of Planning and Zoning prior to making event signage arrangements.
5) Incomplete applications - - Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application Fee $50.00 Non-refundable Clean up Deposit $200.00    
Credit Card Information
Charge Amount
Card Number  
Expiration Date e.g. 1203    

SECTION X: Upload Supporting Document(s)
An event activity map is normally required. However, you can also upload other support documents as well. (Upload first before you hit Submit button)
SECTION XI: Your Contact Email Address
This will be the email address we use to inform you the progress of your application.