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  • Online Permits are only available when no plans are required to be submitted. For example, a furnance or water heater change-out. If you are not sure if plans will be need, please call (801)-229-7060
  • It normally takes one business day to process your permit. Your permit will be faxed or emailed to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please call 229-7060.
  • Decisions relative to this application are subject to review by the chief executive officer of the municipal or county entity issuing the single-family residential building permit and appeal under the International Residential Code.

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Electrical Permits
Per light, receptacle or switch $0.00
New Service to 200 amp $0.00
New Service > 200 - 1000 amp $0.00
New Service > 1000 amp $0.00
Temporary Power $0.00
Mechanical Permits
Furnaces to 100,000 /Btu/h $0.00
Furnaces over 100,000 Btu/h $0.00
Air Conditioners $0.00
Plumbing Permits
New Plumbing Fixture $0.00
Repair or alteration vents/drains $0.00
New Water Heater or Water Softner $0.00
Replacement Water Heater or Water Softner $0.00
Siding Permits
New Siding/Soffit/Fascia $0.00
Re-Roof Permits
Re-Roof (This only available for residential if no structural changes needed) $0.00
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