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  • Sergeant Ammon Fox
    Email: cit@orem.org
    Phone: 801-963-3300
    Address: 3600 South Constitution Blvd. West Valley UT 84119
  • Sergeant Jeremy Jamison
    Email: cit@orem.org
    Phone: 801-229-7182
    Address: 56 North State Street Orem UT 84057
  • Officer Natalie Johanson
    Email: cit@orem.org
    Phone: 801-509-1600
    Address: 3600 South Constitution Blvd. West Valley UT 84119

About Us
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The Memphis Crisis Intervention Team was created and implemented after a high profile incident involving police and a mentally ill subject where deadly force was used on 27 year old Joseph DeWayne Robinson on Sept 24th 1987 “shooting at the Lemoyne Gardens public housing project.” Officers responded to the area on a report of a man stabbing himself and had inflicted as many as 120 wounds. The Memphis Police Department identified that there was areas for improvement, and partnered with local resources to create what is national and international known as the “Memphis” training model.
The basic goal of the CIT program is to improve Officer and Consumer Safety and to redirect Individuals with mental illness from the judicial system to the health care system.

CIT Metro Academy Objectives

  • 1- Increase Officers awareness of mental health issues and empathy of mental health consumers
  • 2- Instruct Officers in effective techniques utilized when encountering mental health consumers.
  • 3- Broaden Officers knowledge of resources.
  • 4- Assist Officers with providing a safer intervention and resolution.

State of Utah CIT METRO History

  • 2000 Salt Lake City Police Department formed a Committee
  • 2001 First Statewide CIT Academy
  • 2004 First Regional CIT Academy
  • 2007 First Correction Based Academy
  • 2008 CIT International Incorporated
  • 2011 First CIT for Youth Training
  • 2015 First Autism, PTSD, Negotiations and Officer Resilience Breakout Sessions.
  • 2016 First CIT METRO Academy
  • 2018 First CIT METRO De-Escalation Training
  • Currently CIT Metro is consisted of Salt Lake City Police Department, Unified Police Department, West Valley City, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s, and all of Utah County Police Agencies.