Property Management Company Registration
Effective July 1, 2020, all utility accounts with the city of Orem are required to be in the name of the property owner. Even though the utilities will be in the name of the owner, we recognize the need for property management companies to have access to account information so that they can work on behalf of the owner. We are creating a system where each property management company will be able to view all of their properties (across multiple owners) in one place. This will happen by the property owner adding the property manager to their account. To ensure that your information is accurate among all accounts, please fill out the information below. We will then use this information to create a "drop-down menu" for property owners to select their property management company, rather than requiring them to enter all of the necessary information, and running the risk of mistyping your information.

Property Management Company Name

Property Management Contact Full Name (whoever you would like contacted about any issues)

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Property Management Company Mailing Address (street or PO Box)

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