Opening Date: 2/28/2019
Closing Date: Indefinite
DUTIES:  Responsible for performing a wide range of routine and emergency police services. Responds to citizens calls for assistance; enforces laws and ordinances; pursues, subdues and arrests suspects using maneuvers and other weapons; operates a law enforcement vehicle in emergency situations at high speeds during both day and night and with all kinds of unsafe road conditions; prepares reports by hand and on a computer; gathers information in criminal investigations by interviewing and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects, and confidential informers; and performs specialized administrative duties. Performs other duties assigned.
QUALIFICATIONS:  must have at least two years experience as a law enforcement officer. Must be Utah POST certified or certifiable as a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Applicants certified in other states are eligible to test and must pass the Utah State POST waiver test prior to hire. Must possess and maintain a valid Utah drivers license and have a good driving record. Must be able to meet the physical requirements established by the Department. Must have no illegal drug use/convictions within the last three years. Department policy does not allow tattoos, body piercing, or branding to be visible while in uniform or at any time when the employee is identifiable as a member of the Department. Final candidates will be required to pass medical, drug, psychological and polygraph examinations prior to hire. TESTING PROCESS: All qualified applicants will be required to participate in an oral interview with an interview board. Applicants who pass the interview must then pass a physical agility test (1 ½ mile run in 15:54, 16"vertical jump, 25 pushups, and 35 sit-ups in one minute). Applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview date and time.
SALARY:  LATERAL ENTRY OFFICERS WILL BE GIVEN CREDIT FOR EXPERIENCE OF FROM TWO TO EIGHT YEARS FOR PLACEMENT WITHIN THE SALARY RANGE. Lateral entries with two years experience will generally start at $3,800 per month, with $100 per month additional for each additional year of experience, up to eight years of experience generally starting at $4,400 per month. No additional credit will be given for more than eight years experience. Full benefits including health/dental insurance, life insurance, 401k, 457, cafeteria plan, LTD, and State Retirement.
APPLICATIONS:  Those qualified to apply should submit their application online or to the Human Resources Office. ONLY THE INFORMATION ON OR ATTACHED TO THE APPLICATION WILL BE USED FOR SCREENING PURPOSES.
The Human Resources Office will make reasonable efforts in the application process to accommodate disabled applicants. If you have special needs, please call 229-7186.
Applications have been classified as private and will be held confidential

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