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Interest Rate Sale!
Starting at 1.59%
TRANSFER your current vehicle loan to us or Buy a NEW or USED vehicle!

To become a member e-mail us at cu@orem.org or call us at (801) 229-7168.

Now is a great time to buy that new car or truck you have been wanting. Do you have a higher interest rate loan at another financial institution? Finance that loan at YOUR Credit Union. Call the credit union at 229-7168 to check the rates. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Pre-Approved Auto Loans:
If you are thinking of buying a new or used vehicle any time in the near future, we can help you with some of the decisions you will have to make. Before you even start looking, come to us for your pre-approved auto loan. We can pre-approve a loan for you so you know what rate you are eligible for and the total amount you can qualify for. Our credit union also has information to help you determine the value on new and used vehicles so you can be assured you are getting a good deal. Don’t let yourself be pressured into this important decision when a visit to the credit union before you start shopping can save you time and money.

We match rates!

Rates are based on approved credit.

(If this is your first attempt to log into the new system, you will need to call the Credit Union at (801) 229-7168 for your Username and Password. Thank you!)

Share Secured Loans:

You don’t have to lose your dividend and spend your savings for your major purchases. You can borrow what you need, using your regular share account or share certificate as collateral. You can secure your dividends and leave your savings in tact to earn for you in the future. A share secured loan at the credit union is a smart way to make your money work for you. When you have money in the credit union, there is no need to charge purchases on department store credit cards at high interest rates. You can shop where you find the best bargains, not just where you have a charge account. Your share account will keep right on growing, earning dividends while you borrow against it at 2.00% above the savings rate. Come to the office and talk with us about the advantages of a share secured loan.

Share Certificates:

A minimum deposit of $1,000.00 is required to purchase a share certificate. Certificate rates are subject to change without notice.

Effective DateLoan DescriptionVehicle YearInterest Rate Fixed APR*MonthsValue
7/14/2020 New Auto, Truck, & Motorcycle 2021 1.59% 60
7/14/2020 1.84% 72 over $25,000.00
7/14/2020 2.59% 84 over $30,000.00
7/14/2020 Used Auto, Truck, & Motorcycle 2017 - 2021 1.59% 60 High Book
7/14/2020 1.84% 72 High Book
7/14/2020 2014 - 2016 1.59% 48 High Book
7/14/2020 2014 and older 1.59% 36 High Book
7/14/2020 New ATV, Off-road Motorcycle, & Watercraft 2021 2.19% 60
7/14/2020 2.79% 72 over $25,000.00
7/14/2020 Used ATV, Off-road Motorcycle, & Watercraft 2013 - 2021 3.75% 60 High Book
7/14/2020 2012 and older 3.75% 60 100% Wholesale
7/14/2020 New Motorhomes, Trailers & Campers 2021 2.19% 60 High Book
7/14/2020 2.79% 72 over $25,000.00
7/14/2020 3.50% 84 over $30,000.00
7/14/2020 3.75% 120 approved by Board
7/14/2020 Used Motorhomes, Trailers & Campers 2013 - 2021 5.35% 60 High Book
7/14/2020 2012 and older 5.35% 60 100% Wholesale
7/14/2020 New Boats 2021 4.19% 60
7/14/2020 4.39% 72 over $25,000.00
7/14/2020 5.10% 84 over $30,000.00
7/14/2020 5.35% 120 approved by board
7/14/2020 Used Boats 2013 - 2021 5.35% 60 High Book
7/14/2020 2012 and older 5.35% 60 100% Wholesale
7/14/2020 Other Loans 10.00% 60

*ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR). Late payment fee is $25.00. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.
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